Partnership For Providers

What is All Patient Solutions?
The current consumer finance market has made access to patient loans difficult, costly and frustrating as a care provider. Your business’s potential depends on providing care, and often patient affordability is the largest obstacle. Our platform at APS is based on a concept that bypasses traditional consumer finance companies, while providing a complete external loan service and management system. We automate the entire life cycle of credit management process so you never have to. Traditional consumer financing plans can often impede a practices ability to provide the most capable service; this is often due to mismatched approval amounts compared to procedure costs and hefty fees and expense. Our web based financing software provides a complete resource, freeing your staff to do what they do best - serve your customers!

Who should offer APS?

Any medical practice that is looking to increase value by enabling patients alternate options toward obtaining services they really want and need,and increase patient loyalty and drive new sales by offering competitive payment terms. More than ever before, patients are not eligible for the proper credit access due to restrained credit markets and lack of personal cash or credit to accommodate anticipated procedures. If your practice is; Cosmetic Surgery, Veterinary, Lasik, Chiropractic, Hearing, Dental or Cosmetic, we have a solution for you.
All Patient Solutions provides
  • Payment plan lifecycle support
  • Patient makes payments directly to All Patient Solutions
  • Instant credit and identity verification
  • Safe & secure automated payment processing via ACH collection
  • Credit bureau reporting & collections service integration
  • Real-time account information and reporting
  • Custom payment plan terms and options available to fit to any patients needs
  • Online and telephone support
  • Secure access via standard web browser 24/7

Provides Credit Flexibility
Our custom created programs are ideal for customers that don't fit the credit standards or the type of covered transaction dictated by your existing 3rd party lender. Why let outside finance entities dictate who is your quality patient? APS offer can attract new patients to practices which participate in flexible payment plan options offered by APS.

Alternative to the standard
For many service-based businesses, outside customer financing is not available or very limited. We’ve found patients complain that they applied for a procedure and were only approved for limited amount of the requested amount. All Patient Solutions enables your business to offer patient financing plans that allow greater flexibility. APS allows you to determine what level of credit a patient needs based on the right procedure for the patient without cutting corners.

APS financing plan expected results

  • Start offering procedures within a patient’s affordable monthly budget
  • Build true long term customer loyalty and repeat visits
  • Create a long term residual income stream that’s predictable
  • Reduce account receivables in the office and focus on patient services
  • Collection and credit reporting process is handled completely by APS