Frequently Asked Questions

What is All Patient Solutions?
All Patient Solutions is an alternative to traditional financing that assists medical professionals with providing patient care by offering affordable payment plans. We service payment plans for your dental, cosmetic, and wellness needs. With many alternative financing options available, APS allows providers to establish plans from six months to five years and accomodate almost any procedure amount. Not all enrolled healthcare practices offer certain special financing options, so please ask your provider to explain which plans are available.
Where can All Patient Solutions help me?
We’re adding dental and medical providers to our service every day. Our services can be used for Dental, Cosmetic Treatments, Cosmetic Surgery, Hearing Care, Veterinary and more. You can search for a provider nearest you by clicking here.
What kind of payment options does All Patient Solutions offer?
Each provider in our network may have different options. Typically, monthly payment plans range from as short as six months to as much as five years. The participating provider you select can explain which options they offer.
What if my healthcare provider doesn’t offer All Patient Solutions?
If you’d like to refer your healthcare provider to All Patient Solutions, click here to fill out and submit a Provider Referral form. We will contact the practice and discuss the benefits of offering All Patient Solutions to their patients and clients.
What will my monthly payments be?
To estimate your monthly payments for upcoming or anticipated services, use our online Payment Calculator.
Is All Patient Solutions an insurance policy?
No. All Patient Solutions is a servicer of patient finance programs. You qualify based on the strength of your credit history. It does not replace insurance. Instead, it’s meant to help you pay over time for the services you want and need that insurance or traditional consumer finance doesn’t cover.
Can I use All Patient Solutions to finance other needs?
No. All Patient Solutions is only available through the participating provider you intend to obtain services from. It is not a finance account that may be used for external purchases. It’s a payment plan that allows your medical provider to spread your cost of services over a specified time period within your monthly budget.
Is All Patient Solutions a bank?
No. All Patient Solutions is not a bank or lender. We are a third party servicer of patient payment plans established by participating dental and medical providers.
Will a payment plan with All Patient Solutions affect my credit?
As with any credit based payment plan, All Patient Solutions will report delinquency to the credit reporting agency in the event that payments are not made as per the terms of your particular payment plan.
How do I apply?
You can use our find a doctor search feature to locate a provider nearest you. If you already know the provider, you can click here to download and print a blank application which you can fill out and bring to your provider. They will assist you with submitting your paperwork for approval. We cannot accept direct applications from consumers.
How long does the approval process take?
Once your application is submitted by your provider, a decision is available to them usually in under a minute. Once approved, you can sign documents (electronically or physically) right at the doctor’s office at the time of your approval, or if you choose, can be emailed to you for review and electronic approval.
What information do I need to apply?
We will obtain and verify information that identifies you as a new account holder. We'll use your name, address, date of birth, social security number, driver's license, and other information for this purpose. We will also need an active checking account and a void check to establish automatic payment collection via ACH.
Do I need to choose a doctor before I apply?
Yes. This plan is only available at participating providers. The payment plans we service are exclusive to each provider and may not be combined or used for non-participating providers.
How do I qualify?
Approval is based on information from your credit application and past credit history. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy which explains how we use the information we collect from our applicants. Once you’re a customer, you’ll be able to access and manage your payment plan through the Customer Login at the top of the website.
When will I receive my first All Patient Solutions billing statement?
You’ll receive your statements once per month usually a weeks prior to the next scheduled ACH payment. You can also access your patient loan by logging into the customer login or at the top of this web page. There, you can manage your account and print duplicate statements.
Can I payoff my plan before the end of the term without a penalty?
Yes. None of our programs have a pre-payment penalty. So you are free to pay additional principal at any time through the Customer Login or call us for a payoff quote if you are intending to pay it in full.
Can I make payment at the Doctor/Provider’s office?
Unfortunately, payments cannot be made to the provider’s office. Our plans require automatic ACH payment collection through your checking account, and are collected only by All Patient Solutions as the servicer of your payment plan for the life of the plan.
Can I ever increase my amount of credit?
Your participating provider who established the plan may make a request to increase the amount to add more services. The plan can only be increased by the specific provider whom you first obtained services. Plans cannot be combined between providers.